Gratitude for a Greener Canada

Tree Canada


As the holiday season approaches, we’d like to take a moment to thank each and every donor and sponsor for supporting our organization and our efforts to plant trees across the country. While we are proud to say we helped increase the tree canopy cover in many communities, there is no doubt that this would not be possible without the tremendous partnerships, collaborations and support that have helped our organization grow.

Our board, staff and community advisors are dedicated to growing better places to live, in every region across Canada and we are always humbled to meet and work with others that share our love for trees and the environment.

Most recently, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting a young boy named Charlie, from Vankleek Hill, ON. Charlie may be young, but his ambition is large! Charlie is raising funds for Tree Canada because he has admirably pledged to plant 10 trees in his community every year! It’s truly inspiring to see someone so young care so much for his community and its future.

Charlie’s story is an inspiration to us all and shows us that anyone – at any age – can make a difference, and that every effort has an impact.

This holiday season, please consider a gift to support Tree Canada in honour of Charlie’s efforts. Your support will buoy his efforts and have an impact on Canadians for generations to come! Give the gift of trees with a donation to support Charlie’s mission to make Canada greener.

Wishing our Tree Canada community a safe and happy new year!


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