Trees are good!

Danielle St-Aubin

Chief Executive Officer, Tree Canada Directrice générale, Arbres Canada

Climate change has been top of mind for many Canadians during the federal election. While this is certainly a hot button issue and there have been varying positions relative to what could and should be done, one thing is certain – trees are good.

Research has shown that trees can be a significant part of the climate change solution. They are nature-based machines constantly working to capture carbon and release oxygen in a cost-effective way. For those of you who want to calculate and offset your own emissions, I encourage you to try our carbon calculator.

When I first joined the team here at Tree Canada, I had a few friends and ex-colleagues ask humorously, “Why are you not called ‘Trees Canada’ rather than ‘Tree Canada’? Did you plant only one tree?”

This good-natured ribbing helps me highlight an important point and my answer to this question is this: since 1992, Tree Canada has planted over 82 million trees across Canada and this is just the beginning.

Our name does not contain a typo – our name is designed to state our intention, which is to tree all of Canada.

Tree Canada is more than a name, it’s an action. And with your help and your support…

We. Will. Tree. Canada.


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