By Paul Smith

1010279_49163742A long time ago people noticed the brightness of the autumn maple leaves and tried to interpret it in their own way. According to Chinese legend, the Emperor Huang Ti defeating Chi-Yu was not able to forgive him his sins and immediately ordered to execute him. Chi-Yu was either an evil God of heaven or the brave leader of the giants. Everyone was afraid that he could run away during the execution, so nobody dared to take off his pads out of his hands and feet. Only when he died, the pads were taken off and thrown away in the desert where they abruptly turned into a maple wood with red and yellow leaves. Trees in this wood attracted many people, so there were many songs composed about them.

Talking about the healing virtues of the maple, we note that the famous Roman physician Quintus Soren Samonic in his “Medical Book” in case of liver injury recommended the following: the root of a maple is better to take with the wine – it is used everywhere. Maple has about 120 types widely spread in the Northern Hemisphere. In the epoch, preceded the ice age, maple adorned Greenland and Spitsbergen.

Maple flowers are small, inconspicuous collected in a greenish-yellow clustered buds. They appear early – even before opening of the leaves or simultaneously with it: in April-May depending on the latitude. At this time the tree is to be covered with a muslin cloth. Looking at the maple flowers under a magnifying glass, they wouldn’t seem to be so inconspicuous. When the tree is in bloom, bees are not strong enough, so bribes from maple used only for breeding the brood and their own power. But when the bees come out of hibernation and they are strong, they collect up to 200 pounds of honey per hectare planted maple.

Maple wood with a beautiful structure, strong, and resilient has a high technical quality, exactly pricked, and can be well-polished. It is utilized by the builders, furniture makers, and craftsmen creating musical instruments (clarinet, flutes), and sport equipment. Besides, maple is often used for making wooden toys and souvenirs, bodies of trucks and rail cars. In ancient times, it was an irreplaceable tool for rims, ax handles, combs spinning wheels. Norway maple is a perfect tree for street plantings, gardens, and parks. In the U.S. and Canada, it is called “Russian”. Maples are mainly prized for a variety of leaf shapes, crown, and their special autumn color. Maple is also a perfect dust, fungal diseases and insect pests resistant.

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