Well believe it or not it has been 3 months that I have been on the job as Director of Communications and Event planning for Tree Canada.  What a dream team we have in our Ottawa office and all our advisors across the Country.  This being my first blog entry I figured I would give you a brief re-cap of my learning curve in the last three months at Tree Canada.

Over 200 students joined the National Tree Day celebration at Andrew Hayden Park on September 25, 2012

This being our 20th anniversary we needed to do something unique  or “Epic” for all major events.  Well, having no idea what that meant I was immediately thrown into the production and planning of 3 major upcoming events.  First on the list was the 2nd National Tree Day on September 26th, 2012.  Celebrating its sophomore year the festivities for National Tree Day took place in Andrew Hayden Park, in Ottawa with 250 school children from Featherstone Drive Public and D. Aubrey Moody Intermediate School.  The kids took part in activities provided by our sponsors Majesta, Nissan and TELUS.   The best part of the day for many of the children was the planting of the trees.  What an amazing experience.  Pictures of the kids having fun can be found on our rebranded website.

Next thing on the list was the 10th Canadian Urban Forest Conference.  This bi-annual meeting was another successful and exciting event that boasted over 400 participants.  Many innovative and educational panels were held on different aspects of Urban Forestry.  One of the most talked about panels was on Emerald Ash Borer and its devastating effects, the treatments being used to combat this pest.

Tree Canada’s 20th anniversary gala, October 3 2012

Lastly was the gala which we celebrated our 20thanniversary – 20 years of conservation, education and stewardship of trees.   Over 200 people took part in this celebration and everyone raved about the hosting acumen of   Steve Patterson, Best Canadian Male Comic 2011 and host of the CBC show “The Debaters”. Through humour, we were able to re-iterate the important role of the Urban Forest (or Urban Forestry) in Canada.

I look ahead eagerly eyeing where Tree Canada will go for another 20 years.  What will be next? Planning the next CUFC conference in Victoria? National Tree Day (2013)? Launching the next phase of TD Green Streets 2013 and Majesta Tree of Knowledge program?   Whatever it may be I am honored to play a small part in it.


P.S. Check in soon for our holiday posting and guest bloggers’ posts!