As my 6 weeks of placement at Tree Canada come to a close, I’m tired, but leaving with a sense of accomplishment. Coming from the Algonquin College Professional Writing program, and the General Arts program from the University of Ottawa, I didn’t have any recent experience in science or know much about trees. Actually, I didn’t know anything about trees. I dropped science in high school as soon as I could. I never excelled at it, and I would much rather have a novel in my hand than a science textbook. I spent the past five years studying English and writing, so it was something akin to culture shock when I started researching trees and urban forestry. After my first day at the Tree Canada office, I soon saw that there was going to be a massive learning curve, and I was a little discouraged by that. But soon it got easier, and I began to learn. I’m from a small country town, and I’ve always loved nature, which is one of the reasons I chose Tree Canada for my placement. The city always seemed so devoid of green, and until conducting research about urban forestry, I never noticed how many trees there are in the city. Now on my bus rides, I notice the trees and green spaces much more than I used to. There were definitely times I felt out of my depth, and many times I was tempted to scrap a whole piece, but with the help of Adrina, I was able to produce pieces I was proud of. I’ve learned a lot, not just about trees, but about the writing process too. It was scary for me, coming from a classroom where I knew everyone, into a workplace where I knew no one. But, everyone was friendly and always made me feel welcome. I knew I could ask anyone at the office if I needed help, and I’m especially grateful for that. Through knowledge and experience, my placement at Tree Canada has prepared me for what I’ll encounter going out into the work world. Tree Canada does valuable work for the environment, and I’m glad I got to be a part of it, even if it was only 6 weeks.