20140930_Evo_day2_BROD3417Evo Car Share is a new, sustainable car sharing option for Vancouverites, created by BCAA (British Columbia Automobile Association).

Vancouver is famous for being nestled in the mountains, surrounded by forests and beaches – the great outdoors is on the doorstep. With an all-hybrid fleet, fitted with bike and ski racks and room for five people and cargo, Evo is set up for its members to enjoy everything the B.C. lifestyle has to offer.

It’s often said that it’s possible to ski and swim in the ocean on the same day here, but forested areas are also a big part of what makes Vancouver’s outdoor living special. Vancouverites can enjoy an impressive trail system through local forests year-round. Whether people choose to hike, mountain bike, snowshoe, or even zip line, Vancouver’s forests offer escape and recreation to thousands of locals, as well as being beautiful and important to a healthy environment.

Tree Canada is a perfect fit with Evo’s philosophy and business, and undoubtedly with many of its members. As a sustainable transport option, the environment is important to Evo, which sees a great opportunity to make a difference and give back to B.C.’s environmental health through Tree Canada. All car sharers in B.C. are mandated to pay an annual $2 ICBC car share fee – Evo donates 100% of this amount directly to support charities including Tree Canada.

Donations from Evo Members support Tree Canada’s National Greening Program, which contributes seedlings to areas in need of reforestation or afforestation throughout British Columbia. Evo’s hope is to make a positive contribution to sustaining and growing B.C.’s tree population both within its cities and surrounding areas, so that generations of people can enjoy a healthy lifestyle and thrive in a sustainable and incredible place to live.

With thousands of people pre-registered for Evo Car Share during the 3 weeks leading up to launch , it’s clear that Vancouverites are welcoming a new, sustainable, environmentally conscious car share option that connects them to the B.C. lifestyle.

Trees are a pretty big deal to Vancouver and to Evo. Supporting Tree Canada is an important way to raise awareness and resources to protect and nurture this incredible natural resource and vital contributor to a healthy living environment for everyone.

For more information on Evo Care Share, visit https://evo.ca/