It’s a cherished holiday tradition: braving the crisp December air to bring home a fresh-cut Christmas tree. True evergreens present vibrancy that an artificial tree can’t match. Plus, real trees are environmentally-friendly by promoting cleaner air and being transformed into mulch fertilizer afterwards. Every acre of Christmas trees planted “provides the necessary daily amount of oxygen for 18 people”. Once the holiday season is over, there is then also a wide selection of reuse and recycling disposal methods that won’t harm the environment. Getting a real tree is a no-brainer and choosing one shouldn’t be a challenge! (Source:

Among the most picturesque Christmas tree options are firs, spruces, pines and cedars. Here are five trees native to Canada and why they make such great Christmas trees:

Balsam Fir – The most Canadian one

With a range from Alberta to Newfoundland and everywhere in between, Balsam firs have been the most popular Christmas tree choice.  With short, flat needles of a traditional dark green colour and slender branches, they are easy to decorate, and its pleasant fragrance make it a hit in Canadian homes.

Douglas Fir – The one that could be ‘the one’

The Douglas fir is best known as a western coniferous tree. With a deep green or blue-green shade that features sturdy, spaced-out branches and soft needles, Douglas firs are easy to decorate and with their narrow base, they are perfect for tight spaces. They grow in a nice triangular shape and have a full fragrance which will certainly fulfill your Christmas expectations.

White Spruce – The ‘cut-your-own’

If you’ve ever been to a cut-your-own Canadian Christmas tree farm, chances are you came home with a White Spruce. This tree grows all over Canada and its needles shine a brilliant shade of blue-green. Its branches are thick and heavy-set, so weightier ornaments are no problem at all, however this tree species does need a lot of water to hold onto its needles.

Eastern White Pine – The simple one

The provincial tree of Ontario offers a simplistic take on a Christmas tree. With its long, soft needles, it is difficult to decorate with large or heavy ornaments, however the denser branches give the tree a feathery appearance making it dazzle on its own. This tree is virtually smell free, perfect for people sensitive to fragrance. If you want a more natural-looking and smelling tree, this is the best one for you.

Eastern Redcedar – The one that’s different

Usually found in southern Ontario and Quebec, this tree is a little bit different. The redcedar has a natural conical shape and comes with bluish-green needles. If you’re sticking to a decorative colour theme this is the tree for you. Their branches are compact, but the needles are soft making it easy to get ornaments on. If you’re looking for originality, go with the redcedar.