By Madison Abraham

We love our earth. It houses us so maternally, shedding the sun into the shadows, cradling us with the blankets of the night sky, and breathing oxygen into our lives. Every tree planted contributes to our earth’s health, our earth’s longevity.

In Canada, we are surrounded by brilliant sights and beautiful forestry.  You may stroll by an American holly, its pointed leaves ripe with fruit. You might happen upon a Tilia, its lush crown of green leaves arcing high above you. You might even stumble across a Ponderosa Pine, its bristles stretching far beyond your reach, its skeletal limbs splintering into the sky.iStock_000017910927Tree

In this holiday season, we all wish for peace, calm, and happiness. We want to give a gift to a loved one to show our appreciation, to show our love. We immediately reach for the sweater folded on that store table, or the perfume on the kiosk counter. What we don’t think of is what is beyond those price tags, what exceeds past convenience. We don’t realize that the biggest gift of all is the gift of growth. Why not show your love in a very real, environmentally-friendly way?

Give a gift that grows far beyond this holiday. Plant a tree in your loved one’s name. The recipient will see this precious gift, experience its evolution from implantation to adult, revelling in it as it flourishes. Whether it is resulting in keeping an urban forest alive, or planting a tree in hopes of sequestering carbon dioxide, you are giving the gift of life. You are generating oxygen; you are sustaining the earth we live on. And far more selfishly than that, you are watching the joy on someone’s face as they see this tree, all their own.  Explore your local nursery; inquire about the tree that fits your personality. Find a forest that your gift can grow in.

Whether it is a Butternut tree, its branches brushing you as you pass, an Eastern Cottonwood hanging over you like a halo, or a Mountain Maple, nestled by a ravine- it’s a gift straight from your heart.

Some tree nurseries throughout Canada: