This year marks Earth Day’s 51st anniversary, a day which has become the world’s largest environmental movement, a day for individuals, groups, families, and even businesses, alike to take note of the one planet we all share and the important role each of us plays in ensuring its health and all those that live on it.

Starting on April 1, we were sharing daily tips on how to restore the earth, the theme for this year. And while we each can take individual action; collective action can be even more powerful.

As part of that collectivity, we are proud to partner with many sponsors who have made sustainability an integral part of their business practices and we wanted to take a moment to highlight some of those dedicated donors and sponsors who are supporting us. Regardless of the challenges they may face due to the pandemic, they have decided that the environment is worthy of their attention. Their generosity fuels our growth, their commitment buoys our spirits, and their desire to make a difference is truly helping us grow better places to live.

In addition to producing oxygen and capturing carbon, every tree that we plant on their behalf helps to improve the ecosystem and communities, both human and non, surrounding it. Every tree helps to sustain life. Every tree makes a difference now and well into the future. And for that, dear supporters, the earth thanks you.