By Heather Fraser, CUFN Atlantic Representative

As a newly appointed member of the CUFN I will and am working on gathering groups and organizations that are involved in forest management as that is my background of over 30 years.

The mandates of many forestry organizations are to manage, protect and sustain healthy forests for the long term for all to enjoy. I am contacting leaders in environmental planning though the various communities (municipalities) in NB, NS and PEI as well.

Leading by example is what we do in NB in the forest industry usually noticed by individuals that champion actions and innovation to improve our environment through managed forests. Education is a big part of what we do in Moncton – bringing the public, schools, visitors out to where the action is in Community Forests – Working forests that showcase sustainable forest management – the science behind what we do is to improve and maintain healthy forests in Moncton for generations to come.

Currently the number of Urban Foresters in NB is low although there are a few Forestry Managers in the larger Municipalities of Fredericton and Moncton. Smaller communities have park staff with arborists and horticulturists that help maintain urban and street trees – a list is being worked on for this.

We have close partnerships in Atlantic Canada with groups that work on similar issues related to forests such as water quality issues, forest pests land management strategies – urban forestry is relatively new.

With our economies and budgets tight, it seems even more logical that groups like the CUFN continue to network for other groups working on the same work plan ideas. My hope is to bring people/communities/groups together through the CUFN umbrella assisting in managing the valuable natural resource forests.

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