By Jillian Ewaschuk

Spring is the season of rebirth. It signals the beginning of another trip around the sun and the return of all things green. It also triggers the tentative emergence of buds from branches on trees and from below the ground.

In Canada, one if the most significant signs of the trees beginning to wake up is the sap flowing up our iconic maple trees. The sap will only flow if the temperature dips below 0C at night and rises above 0C during the day (the ideal being -5C at night and +5C during the day). Approximately 40 litres of clear sap goes into making just one litre of golden maple syrup. As spring progresses and the temperature rises beyond the “sap zone,” the maple tree uses the energy in the sap to open up its leaves to welcome the energy of the sun.

It seems appropriate that as all of the trees are coming out of their dormant phases, spring is one of the busiest seasons here at Tree Canada. We’re in the middle of planning our planting events (TD Green Streets and Edible Trees grants have been awarded), and looking forward to a big milestone: this year Tree Canada will plant our 80 millionth tree! As we look out our windows and see the slow by definite progression of spring, it’s a good time for our team to reflect on the goals of healthier neighbourhoods, clean air, and carbon sequestration that inspire our work.

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The Tree Canada team is looking forward to another busy, challenging, and rewarding year. We hope you’ll continue to follow our progress here on the blog, on facebook and on Twitter.

Happy spring!