Eterne Award

The Eterne Award is given to those companies who support Tree Canada and exemplify the very best in environmental stewardship. The Award is made from a section of an ancient tree which grew in the Salomon Creek valley in Alberta in 2240-2400 B.C. It is called "Eterne" to acknowledge the dynamism and eternal nature of trees and forests. The following are those companies the award has been awarded to:

      • 2005 - Computershare Investor Services (eTree Program)
      • 2004 - TELUS
      • 2003 - Boa-Franc Inc. (MIRAGE Floors)
      • 2002 - BC Hydro
      • 2001 - Home Hardware
      • 2000 - IKEA Canada
      • 1999 - Eddie Bauer
      • 1998 - Shell Canada and Canadian Airlines
      • 1996 - TransCanada Pipelines

The criteria by which the award is made includes:

  • Financial support at a superior level
  • Demonstrated enthusiasm for the Tree Canada cause
  • In-kind support in terms of marketing and brand recognition of Tree Canada