Alberta Mountain Pine Beetle ReLeaf

The Alberta Mountain Pine Beetle ReLeaf program was first launched in 2010 by Tree Canada, in partnership with Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development.

The Alberta Mountain Pine Beetle ReLeaf program provides funding to homeowners, private landowners and municipalities for the replacement of trees and the recovery of forests affected by mountain pine beetle on private or municipal lands in Alberta.

The mountain pine beetle arrived in west-central Alberta for the first time in July 2006, when strong winds carried insects to the region from central B.C., a distance of 400 kilometres. The beetle attacks all pine species, most notably lodgepole pine, the provincial tree of Alberta. It will also attack jack pine and the endangered whitebark and limber pines.

Who Can Apply?

Residents, private landowners, and municipalities who are replacing trees at a minimum cost of $200. For any application over $3000, the applicant must demonstrate the following:

  • Planting stock and materials comprise at least 50% of requested funding
  • A commitment of at least 25% of the total project costs by the applicant. This includes financial commitments from themselves, other organizations/companies, or in-kind contributions (time and labour can be included as in-kind).

Applicants are not limited to a single application and may resubmit applications that are not approved.

How to Apply?

A. Expenses of $200 to $3,000.

Funds allocated on a first-come first-served basis. Submit your receipts for reimbursment.

B. Expenses of $3,000 or more.

Applications for funding can be submitted through our online form for approval either before or after tree replacement.  

  1. Submit before tree replacement: fill out the online application form including 1-2 photos of mountain pine beetle damage and estimated expenses. If approved, a final report must be submitted including receipts for tree replacement expenses upon project completion.   
  2. Submit after tree replacement: fill out the online application form including 1-2 photos of mountain pine beetle damage and including receipts for tree replacement expenses.

Tree Canada will approve or reject the application within 10 business days of submission. For all approved applications, Tree Canada will issue funds within 15 business days. It is the responsibility of the applicant to carry out all activities described in the application and submit a final report before May 20th, 2017.  

Eligible Project Costs include:

  • Native trees: including all planting stock native to Canada as appropriate for the planting site. For a list of native tree species click here.*
  • Planting material: mulch, soil, tree guards or other materials required to establish and maintain healthy trees (stonework is not eligible).
  • Planting costs: costs associated with the hiring of a tree planting contractor, if the applicant can demonstrate they require these services (include supporting details in application).

*Tree Canada encourages the use of native species and will not fund the planting or maintenance of invasive species or ash due to the Emerald Ash Borer. For a list of invasive plants and why they are a problem for Canadian ecosystems please consult the Environment Canada website: If you are uncertain about the species you want to plant, please consult with a certified arborist, registered professional forester or Tree Canada prior to submitting your application.

Submit an application for funding

For questions concerning eligibility and application support, please contact Marie-Paule Godin at 613-567-5545 x 221 or at