Canadian Urban Forest Network (CUFN)


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What is the Canadian Urban Forest Network (CUFN)?

The CUFN is the largest network of urban forestry experts, academics and practitioners in the country.

Organized by Tree Canada, the CUFN advocates for  urban forests all across Canada under the guidance and leadership of the CUFN steering committee.

Urban Forest in Vancouver

The Network seeks to:

  1. build value by helping and empowering those who practice urban forestry;
  2. bring together those who are interested in urban forestry;
  3. facilitate the exchange of information about urban forestry in Canada; and
  4. increase awareness about the urgent issues facing Canada’s urban forests.

Canadian Urban Forest Strategy​ (CUFS)

The Canadian Urban Forest Strategy (CUFS) was first articulated in 2006 as a strategic initiative of Canada’s urban forest practitioners including: foresters, managers, arborists, planners, community workers and politicians.

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Canadian Urban Forest Conference

The Canadian Urban Forest Conference brings together leading experts from across the country and allows for dialogue between professionals and community groups on innovative strategies, policies, technologies, research, and best management practices.

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Who is a part of the CUFN?

The Canadian Urban Forest Network includes:

Municipal foresters

Federal & provincial environmental and natural resource agencies

Professional organizations

Business associations

Educational institutions

Community groups

Non-governmental organizations

Connect with the largest network of urban forest professionals in Canada