About this Award

The Royal Galipeau Award of Distinction recognizes excellence in leadership and significant contributions in Canadian urban forestry over a minimum of ten years.

Nominees for this award have considerably influenced and/or changed the direction of urban forestry through their work, insights and contributions. They have made a substantial impact in the field of urban forestry and how we think about and practice urban forestry.

How to Apply

Eligibility & Conditions

  • Applications are currently closed for this award.
  • Open to all Canadians who are: urban forestry practitioners, researchers, educators, or anyone involved in activities utilizing, promoting or involving urban forestry – active and retired.
  • Eligible activities are those that have impacted Canada either locally, regionally, provincially or nationally or in the case of international contributions have promoted Canadian urban forestry.
  • Applications can be made either by the (i) named applicant themselves or (ii) submitted on behalf of a named applicant by a nominator (such as a person in a senior position within their organization, Professor or person of recognized standing).
  • For the purpose of this award, urban forestry is considered as including trees, woodlands, forests, natural green space and green infrastructure in an urban or peri-urban setting.
  • All applications are treated as confidential by the Review Committee.
  • Applications are accepted in English or French.

About Royal Galipeau

Royal Galipeau was a federal Member of Parliament for Ottawa-Orléans, an impassioned advocate for trees and founder of National Tree Day in Canada. As a result of his activities, on March 2, 2011 the House of Commons passed his private member’s Motion-575 to declare the Wednesday of National Forest Week as National Tree Day. The proclamation stated proudly that this was so that, “all Canadians can celebrate and share their passion for our nation’s forests and trees.”