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What are Tree Canada’s Community Tree Grants?

Our Community Tree Grants are the only national community greening, innovation and stewardship program in the country.

Through this program, Tree Canada and our partners offer grants and technical and logistical support encouraging the spread of “green infrastructure” in our communities.

This includes supporting local greening projects as well as developing and rolling out urban forest best management practices and innovative urban design solutions.

What kinds of greening projects do we support?

Our projects support greening in communities of all kinds from schools to hospitals and from the smallest indigenous communities to our biggest urban centres.

Greening Canada’s School Grounds

Our children should be able to enjoy learning and playing outdoors in a lush, green, vibrant school yard. With all the evidence showing that Nature Deficit Disorder is a very real and growing problem, children do better when they can connect and interact with nature as much as possible.

Since 1992, Tree Canada and its sponsors have supported the greening of more than 700 schoolyards across the country.

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Edible Trees

We help fight food insecurity by planting fruit- and nut- bearing trees and shrubs in communities on publicly-accessible sites.

Since 2012, Tree Canada and its sponsors have completed over 120 Edible Trees projects and planted over 10,000 fruit and nut trees in communities across Canada.

Treemendous Communities

These grants encourage and support community tree planting projects to create long-lasting benefits.

Since 1992, Tree Canada and our sponsors have supported the greening of more than 700 communities!

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