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Apply for a Greening Canada’s School Grounds grant

Please review the information below for recommended details relating to your project proposal.

The 2019 Greening Canada’s School Grounds program is open for applications.

Applications close on March 1st, 2019

Proposed tree planting Project:

Applicants must provide a full description of their tree planting project and its benefits to the school community. The proposed project should take place on a public site where trees will be able to grow in perpetuity, allowing for the longevity of the positive impacts to the community.

Tangible and measurable goals should be emphasized throughout the proposal reflecting the specific needs of the school. A strong educational component to your project is also recommended. Please describe how the students will learn about the importance of trees through your project.

When considering planting activities, please keep in mind that the recommended planting seasons are Spring 2019 (May 1st – June 30th) and Fall 2019 (September 1st – October 31st). The number of trees intended for the project should be based on the available space of the site and the grant amount ($3,500). To help you determine your species selection and cost per tree, contact your local nursery for assistance.

Community Engagement:

Long-term engagement with the project is a primary objective of the program. Please include an explanation of how the proposed project will engage with your school community and provide an idea for how the students will maintain their involvement in the project over time.

Technical Expertise and maintenance:

The project must be supported by someone with technical expertise to guide the applicant through their efforts. It is important to develop a maintenance plan that will ensure the survival of the trees. Also, evaluation criteria should be explained in detail in order to monitor the success of the project throughout the years.

Promotion and Event:

A planting activity and recognition event is required for the project. Please include a proposed date and description of an event where you will acknowledge the efforts of your school community as well as the sponsors that have made your project possible. Funding of the grant is contingent on the applicant hosting a recognition event.

By submitting your application, you understand that Tree Canada provides grant funding upon project completion.

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If you have further questions about the program or experience any difficulties filling out the application form, please contact the Greening Canada’s School ground program manager Justin P.-Letourneau at jpletourneau@treecanada.ca or at (613) 567-5545 Ext. 225.