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Guidelines for your Greening Canada’s School Grounds Application

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Applications for re-imbursement funding of up to $3000 for Tree Canada’s Greening Canada’s School Grounds program are accepted until April 30, 2018.

Schools, daycares, and other educational establishments are encouraged to apply for funding to make their spaces greener. Our children should be able to enjoy learning and playing outdoors in a lush, green, vibrant school yard. With all the evidence showing that Nature Deficit Disorder is a very real and growing problem, children do better when they can connect and interact with nature as much as possible.

Since 2008, Tree Canada and our sponsors have greened more than 600 school grounds!

Should you encounter issues with this application form, or have any questions about the program, please contact Marie-Paule Godin at mpgodin@treecanada.ca  at 613-567-5545 Ext. 237.


Tree Canada staff will review the Greening Canada’s School Grounds applications and make recommendations for funding support according to the established criteria. 

  • Proposed project: Demonstrated understanding of the purpose of the program and in designing a creative program that promotes innovative practice.
  • Community engagement: Demonstrated ability to involve the community, other not-for-profit organizations and volunteers.
  • Technical expertise: Demonstrated capacity that the expertise is present or can be sought to guide the applicants in its efforts. Grant recipients may be encouraged to use a portion of their funding to include an educational component.
  • Monitoring and Maintenance: Demonstrated commitment to maintenance and description of the role of community members, staff, and volunteers.
  • Promotion: A commitment to publicize the Program, including program partners, Tree Canada and Funders, in a variety of ways that may include a launch event, press release and reaching out to local print media.
  • Evaluation: That a system is in place at the community level to evaluate the success of the program 3 years into the future.

For more information, view our Guide To Community Tree Planting And Care