Healing Trees

Tree Canada’s Healing Trees program enhances the healing experience of patients and their families by planting trees around healthcare facilities.

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Helping Canadians heal

Studies suggest that hospital patients who are able to look out onto treed landscapes show a faster healing time . Research has continuously highlighted the important relationship between mental and physical well-being and access to greenspace.

By planting trees on hospital grounds and healthcare facilities, we enhance the healing experience of patients and their families. In 2018, through the generous support of the Canadian Medical Association Foundation, we planted 144 trees at four different hospitals across the country.

“With the generosity and support of the Canadian Medical Association and Tree Canada, we were able to expand our healing garden into the adjacent green space located next to the Irving Greenberg Family Cancer Centre. We are truly thankful for the Tree Canada grant which has allowed us to expand the greening of the campus for our patients and their families, staff, volunteers and physicians to enjoy. This natural wellness area offers rest, relaxation and a place for reflection right beside the Hospital’s buildings. We look forward to watching our 25 new native trees grow and be enjoyed for decades to come.”

-Susan Sallaj Ginn, Director Planning & Facilities, Queensway Carleton Hospital and 2018 Healing Trees Grant Recipient

Tree Canada is continuing the healing trees program and is looking for project ideas.

Project funding is available to healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, hospices, mental health and addiction treatment facilities, rehabilitation centres or long-term care facilities, looking to plant trees and shrubs on their properties to create green healing places for their patients, staff or visitors.

Submit your healing trees project idea

Tree Canada’s Healing Trees program is now accepting project idea submissions until August 30, 2019.

Projects selected will receive notice of their selection in early September 2019 with funding for projects being issued in spring 2020.

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To apply, you may need to create an account as a new user. For further questions, please contact the Healing Trees Program Manager.

We are currently seeking supporters for our 2019/20 healing trees projects!

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