(May 4, 2010 – Ottawa, ON) – FedEx Express Canada is the 2009 recipient of the Eterne Award, a national award given to an outstanding sponsor of Tree Canada to recognize their environmental stewardship and commitment to improving the lives of Canadians through greening and reforestation projects.

Tree Canada president Michael Rosen will be presenting the award to FedEx Express Canada president David Binks at a ceremony at Featherston Drive Public School at 10:00 a.m. today.

“We are so impressed with the dedication and enthusiasm of FedEx in expanding green space in our cities and restoring our forests,” said Michael Rosen, Tree Canada president. “Your hard work will ensure many Canadians can enjoy more trees in their communities.”

FedEx Express Canada has sponsored the greening of 30 school grounds across the country over the past two years and its enthusiastic team members have taken part in many of the plantings. In addition, FedEx has shown leadership by supporting reforestation programs including Tree Canada’s B.C. Fire ReLeaf program, which allowed B.C. homeowners, landowners and municipalities to plant trees destroyed during the forest fires in the summer of 2009.

The Eterne Award is made from a section of an ancient tree found in the Salomon Creek valley in Alberta outside the eastern boundary of Jasper National Park. It was from a spruce tree growing in the valley in 2240-2400 B.C. The tree was 180 years old when a cataclysmic landslide buried it until it was unearthed again in 1980 by a flood.

Called “Eterne” to acknowledge the dynamism and eternal nature of trees and forests, the prize has been awarded since 1993.


For more information contact:

Melissa Nisbett
Communications & Marketing Officer
Tree Canada
(613) 567-5545 ext 224