Funding program in place to offset costs of replacing trees

Ottawa, ON – April 22, 2013 – Private landowners and municipalities in Alberta are being offered help to replace trees lost to mountain pine beetle.

The Alberta Mountain Pine Beetle ReLeaf program provides funding to homeowners, private landowners and municipalities for replacing trees that have been killed by mountain pine beetle on private or municipal land.

The ReLeaf program, first launched in 2010, is a partnership between Alberta Sustainable Resource Development, Tree Canada and its corporate sponsor TELUS. Over $130,000 has been contributed. Others interested in donating to the program are encouraged to do so at

Homeowners who lose trees to mountain pine beetle infestation are eligible to be reimbursed the replacement cost of their tree, up to $80. The program will also fund up to $3000 worth of seedlings or potted trees to replace shelterbelt and landscape trees on acreages and up to $5000 worth of seedlings or potted trees to replace trees lost on municipal land.

“Albertans are very attached to their trees – so many people have expressed their appreciation for this program which has brought new trees back to those that were killed by this voracious insect said Michael Rosen, Tree Canada President. “This rejuvenation couldn’t have been possible without the help of our sponsors and the Government of Alberta.”

Funding is for new trees only and it may not be used to treat infested trees or protect trees that are not currently infested.

Last year, ReLeaf provided support to 5 homeowners, 61 landowners and 1 municipality to replace trees killed by mountain pine beetle. The Alberta government is working to build a better Alberta by fostering economic growth, strengthening our health and education systems, investing in infrastructure, supporting safe and strong communities and ensuring a clean and healthy environment. To apply for the program, visit and look under programs. Applications are due by June 30, 2013.

About Tree Canada

Tree Canada is a not-for-profit charitable organization that works with sponsors, donors and communities to plant and care for rural and urban trees, promotes urban forests in Canada and facilitates carbon offset projects with trees. To date, more than 79 million trees have been planted, more than 530 schoolyards have been greened, and Tree Canada has organized 10 national urban forest conferences. More information about Tree Canada is available at

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