September 26, 2020 – Winnipeg, MB  Today, Telpay, Canada’s trusted leader in innovative payment solutions, planted 200 trees at Elzéar Goulet Park. This activity which took place at the end of National Forest Week, was part of Telpay’s ongoing commitment of $250k to the city’s One Million Tree Challenge. The planting activity started at 10 a.m. and ran throughout most of the day. An official program included words of gratitude from Mayor Brian Bowman.

“Telpay has taken on this One Million Tree Challenge with dedication and commitment. We are very grateful for their vision and are inspired to see their whole staff get involved. This is truly what leadership looks like!”
– Danielle St-Aubin, CEO Tree Canada

“Our core business function of electronic payment processing has helped countless businesses reduce their impact on the environment, and in light of a global movement to transform society into a green economy, Telpay is poised to be a leader in the corporate environmental movement. After seeing the impact of storms on our tree canopy in our city, we chose to increase our efforts and really put the strength of our commitment behind the Million Tree Challenge.”
William H. Loewen, Telpay Founder

Last December, Telpay contributed a $250,000 donation to the city’s One Million Tree Challenge through Tree Canada, a generous gift which will further benefit the city, its residents and its tree canopy. This gift is part of Telpay’s overall commitment to support its staff, customers and associated corporate community to accelerate objectives towards best environmental practices. Telpay, a Winnipeg-based company that has been delivering electronic payment systems since 1985, also challenged other local businesses to join in and support this important tree planting initiative.

Trees truly make a community a vibrant and healthy place to live and the tree canopy of Winnipeg is a great source of pride to many Winnipeggers, however it is under threat. At a time when the effects of climate change, emerald ash borer and Dutch elm disease are decimating the city’s canopy, the One Million Tree Challenge is critical to ensure the growth and protection of its urban forest for generations to come.

In Canadian cities, forest cover has been declining for more than two decades. With over 82% of the population now living in urban centres, it has become increasingly important to recognize the benefits our urban trees and forests bring us. They beautify our communities, increasing the property value of our businesses and homes. They reduce the effects of climate change, naturally cooling our cities. And, they help us live longer and healthier lives, reducing stress and improving our mental health.

About Telpay
For over 34 years, Canadian-owned Telpay has delivered innovative, cost-effective and secure electronic payment solutions that are an alternative to writing cheques. It provides its services to individuals, financial institutions and businesses coast to coast. Our goal is to offer the best experience ever, truly delighting our customers with our products, service and our Telpay team. Telpay’s system has already eliminated paper to the equivalent of a mature 80,000 tree forest!

About Tree Canada:
Tree Canada is the non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of Canadians by planting and nurturing trees in rural and urban environments. Through our programs, research and educational efforts, we have helped restore tree cover in areas hit by natural disasters, guided communities in managing their urban forests, helped green 660 schoolyards and organized annual urban forest conferences. To date, with our community partners and sponsors, we have planted more than 82 million trees.

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