Plant trees today to offset carbon emissions for years to come

OTTAWA, ON – (April 22, 2015) – On the 25th anniversary of Earth Day in Canada, Tree Canada is asking Canadians to dig a little deeper from this day forward, and make reducing carbon emissions a year-round priority.

Through Tree Canada’s Grow Clean Air program, individuals, small businesses and organizations of all sizes can have their carbon emissions calculated, and then work towards offsetting their carbon emissions by planting trees.

“While Earth Day inspires people to reflect upon how they can affect and nurture the planet, we would like to see all Canadians preserve that same attitude 365 days a year,” said Michael Rosen, Tree Canada President. “We believe tree-planting is a natural and beautiful way to reduce carbon and combat climate change.”

The Tree Canada Grow Clean Air program empowers Canadians to offset their carbon emissions by using:

  • Tree Canada’s Carbon Calculator: Individuals, companies and organizations can input their transportation and energy usage details to estimate their carbon emissions scientifically. With this information, they are able to approximately balance emissions through tree planting undertaken as a part of Tree Canada’s National Greening Program.
  • Tree Canada’s Carbon Protocol: Companies can contact Tree Canada to obtain a carbon emissions report. Tree Canada will calculate the number of trees needed to offset their emissions, and also locate a planting site compliant with the Tree Canada protocol. Tree Canada’s carbon protocol is a scientifically-based standard for afforestation and reforestation projects.

As one of Canada’s most trusted not-for-profit resources for rural and urban tree initiatives, Tree Canada is committed to growing better places to live. For more information about Tree Canada’s Grow Clean Air and other programs, visit

About Tree Canada

Tree Canada is a not-for-profit charitable organization established to encourage Canadians to plant and care for trees in urban and rural environments. Tree Canada engages Canadian companies, government agencies and individuals to support the planting of trees, the greening of schoolyards, and other efforts to sensitize Canadians to the benefits of planting and maintaining trees. To date, nearly 80 million trees have been planted, over 550 schoolyards have been greened, and Tree Canada has helped organize eleven national urban forest conferences. The next Canadian Urban Forest Conference will take place in Laval, QC in 2016. More information about Tree Canada is available at