Bruce Smith

Bruce Smith

Prince Edward Island

Bruce Smith has a Masters of Science in Wildlife Management from Acadia University. He worked with the PEI government for 30 years which included 10 years with Provincial Parks managing natural resources, developing forest management plans and supervising the interpretive programs across the Province. He also worked for 18 years with the Fish and Wildlife Division working with community organizations to develop and implement habitat enhancement initiatives. This included establishing community forest nurseries and planting trees. Between these 2 endeavours Bruce spent 2 years at the PEI Executive Council helping to develop the first Provincial Conservation Strategy in Canada.

Following retirement from Government Bruce served as the Executive Director of Island Nature Trust, an organization dedicated to the protection of environmentally important habitats on private and public lands. Subsequently he joined a watershed association conducting environmental enhancement including the planting of thousands of trees and working with farmers to reduce the applications of nutrients and pesticides which were impacting the groundwater.

Over the last two years Bruce has focussed on bee keeping, volunteering with watershed groups, raising scallops, volunteering as a firefighter/first responder and supporting Tree Canada initiatives.

Bruce has been involved with Tree Canada for over 20 years.