Celia Johnstone

Celia Johnstone

Community Adviser — Toronto

Having worked as a prosecuting attorney in England for over 20 years, Celia moved with her family to Canada in 2008 and is now actively pursuing her lifelong passion for trees and plants. She recently graduated from Ryerson University in Landscape design and completed her Masters in December 2016 in Forest Conservation at the University of Toronto.

Celia manages her own forest in Prince Edward County and grows trees from seeds that she collects from local sources.

Celia works in local neighbourhoods in Toronto to help them establish a healthy urban canopy. In 2015 she worked on an urban forest management plan for St James Town and in 2016 conducted a full tree inventory for Playter Park community. She is currently working on a project to develop a method of estimating the age of large old trees which will hopefully lead to them receiving greater protection in the future.