Christian Walli

Christian Walli BScF

British Columbia

Christian Walli BScF graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor Degree in Forestry. He has been a Tree Canada Community Advisor since 1993 for British Columbia. Over the last 40 years, he held managing position with several forest companies involved in developing and managing seed orchards, forest research facilities and forest nurseries in British Columbia and Ontario.

In addition, he was involved with British Columbia Tree Improvement program, the Swedish/Canadian Cooperative introducing lodgepole pine to Sweden and the Poldi Bentley NSERC/Industrial Chair in Forest Genetics group in cooperation with the Austria Forest Research Department. He has also served in the Council of Forest Industry Spruce Budworm Task Group and was Director of the Consulting Foresters of British Columbia.

More recently Christian is involved in the advancement of Canadian urban forestry including a national and regional network, UBC urban forestry department and urban forestry being an integral part of Association of British Columbia Professional Foresters.

He is passionate about the development and protection of green spaces.