Heather Fraser

Heather Fraser

Atlantic Representative

Heather Fraser has over 35 years experience in forest management and watershed protection.

She has been working for the City of Moncton for over 25 of those years specializing in developing forest management programs for municipal forests while designing and supervising water quality monitoring research opportunities with Maritime Universities, linking Moncton’s managed forests  and water resources to outdoor science based education with local area schools, bringing children (K to 12) outdoors to learn about nature, climate change and the environment around them, including the urban forest and its values.

Community demonstration forestry projects have been ongoing in Moncton’s forests for decades  under Heathers direction with the opportunity to showcase sustainable forestry practices over time – this Forest 2020 site will be unveiled in 2 short years and contribute to educational efforts for all to enjoy. Heather sits on many Boards relating to forestry, water quality and maple syrup production in NB.  She runs the only municipal sugar bush operation in Canada – from managing the hardwood forest, tapping the trees, running the Evaporator, making various maple products and developing an educational program for visitors during the annual maple season.