Tree Planting Challenge

Want cleaner air, increased natural beauty and more local wildlife in and around Winnipeg?

Tree Canada is on a mission to crowdfund the greening of five urban spaces across Canada with more than 4,000 trees and Fort Whyte Alive in Winnipeg is one of those five spaces!

You can be part of the solution.

Greening Our Communities

Our Tree Planting Challenge kicked off on Earth Day, April 22, 2018.

By making a donation to plant urban trees with us on National Tree Day (September 26, 2018), together we can green Winnipeg.

Come plant trees with us in our community.

Planting Site:


Fort Whyte Alive

49°49’8.2247″N 97°13’48.8107″ W

1961 McCreary Rd, Winnipeg, MB

Ecological benefit:

We aim to plant 1,200 native trees for maximum ecological impact. As well as providing habitat, shade and shelter for local wildlife, the trees we plant will improve soil retention and add to the aesthetic beauty and clean air of the area.


1,200 trees

Let’s create a greener Canada!

Greener urban areas benefit wildlife and the environment, but they also benefit people too. 80% of Canadians live in urban areas so let’s make the places where we work, play and live greener and more beautiful!

Our Tree Planting Challenge is an opportunity for our communities to come together and plant over 4,000 trees in five parks across Canada from Montreal, QCSt. John’s, NLMarkham, ONWinnipeg, MB to Coquitlam, BC.