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Support our teams and help us shape the future, one tree at a time!

The Pomerleau Challenge is back and this time, we’re moving for the Earth in support of Tree Canada’s Grow Clean Air program.
The Move for the Earth Challenge is a six-week challenge which will have Pomerleau employees partake in daily athletic activities, answer daily wellbeing quizzes and accomplish weekly missions. All their activities will be automatically converted into points. Their challenge? Accumulate 2 million points to raise the $15,000 required to plant 1875 trees! The more points they accumulate, the more trees they will plant. Converted into carbon credits, these trees will reduce Pomerleau’s greenhouse gas emissions and offset part of the organization’s carbon footprint. Beyond this collective mission, Pomerleau will match all contributions up to a maximum of $5,000 to further support the Grow Clean Air program.
We invite you to donate today and share this important initiative with friends and family. Pomerleau is committed to ensuring a more sustainable future. Thank you for your generous support.