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Why is our Grow Clean Air program important?

Carbon pollution is a serious threat to the Earth’s climate.  Trees are one major natural way of cleaning carbon pollution from our air, sequestering it in the ground and helping to fight climate change.

Our Grow Clean Air program allows Canadians to offset their carbon emissions through the planting of native trees in Canada. Whether for individuals or companies, carbon offsets (tCO2e) are calculated based on tree growth. We calculate the number of trees needed to be planted to offset your emissions.

How Can I make a Difference Today?

With our Carbon Calculator, you can instantly find out how many tonnes of CO2 are emitted by your activities. You can then make a contribution in trees for the planting of our Grow Clean Air planting site according to the Tree Canada Carbon Protocol.

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For Companies and Organizations:

Companies and organizations can offset portions or all of their emissions through our Grow Clean Air program. Carbon neutral status involves accounting for all direct and indirect emissions by including additional emissions not built-in to the Carbon Calculator (e.g. paper usage, waste disposal, and outsourced activities). Tree Canada will provide a Greenhouse Gas Emission Assessment Report and will plant trees according to Tree Canada’s Carbon Protocol.

Let’s work together to make you 100% carbon neutral!

Our Guarantee

We strive to achieve the highest level of carbon offsetting standards. We guarantee:

Trees are planted according to our Protocol

Our planting sites are protected for 30 years


We provide carbon offset certificates following third party audit

Whether you’re a non-profit organization, small business or company, We will work with you to achieve Carbon Neutral Status and promote your sustainable business practice through the offsetting all of your carbon emissions. We facilitate an independent carbon assessment of your annual emissions, and provide you with a Carbon Neutral certificate following the purchase of equal carbon offsets from tree planting.

The planting site:

We pay close attention when selecting Grow Clean Air planting sites to ensure they are eligible to create carbon offsets. This means planting sites create real reduction in greenhouse gases. Each site must be inactive land with proof that it has not supported trees for a minimum of 20 years prior to planting.

Just over 30 hectares in the Great Lake St Lawrence Forest Region will be planted. Much of this region was cleared for agriculture multiple generations ago. This has in many cases left open fallowed landscapes where agriculture has ceased and no regeneration of forest can occur.

Through the Grow Clean Air, your contributions go directly to supporting the afforestation of these areas, decreasing habitat fragmentation and providing long term forest ecosystem health.

For Corporations, Campaigns and other Organizations:

Let’s work together to get you to 100% carbon neutral status!

For Individuals:

Let’s work together to get you to 100% carbon neutral status!

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Carbon Calculator

Find out how many trees you’ll need to plant in order to achieve 100% carbon neutral status.

CO2 Calculator

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