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Compendium of Best Urban Forest Management Practices

Chapter 9. Maintenance: Watering, Mulching, Fertilizing, Cabling, Bracing, Recognition/Removal of Hazard Trees

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The greatest stress on newly-planted (and sometimes established) trees is water stress. Watering can be the most important part of tree maintenance. Related to watering, mulching acts to conserve water on site, keep mowing equipment from damaging trees and minimizes compaction: a common problem in urban soils. Fertilizing urban trees is a common practice to ensure that proper nutrients are available to the tree in nutrient-poor city soils. Cabling involves the installation of wires high in the canopy to allow one tree’s branches to support another. Bracing is the installation of large bolts to keep trees from splitting open. Recognizing and removing hazard trees is an important part of urban forest management.


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Online documents (.PDF or .DOC)

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Non-Canadian sites & resources

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