In loving memory of Stobo Theodore Sniderman

On July 18th Stobo Theodore Sniderman passed away at home in his parents’ arms. He is survived by his parents Tamara and Jonathan, his grandparents Teresa, Mladen, Sarah, and Allan, and his great-grandmother Irena.

In his too-short 17 days, Stobie loved snuggles, music, and charmed everyone who had the opportunity to meet him. He hated being set down, so his parents obliged him and held him constantly, day and night.

Thanks to the efforts of the medical teams at Sunnybrook, SickKids, and Mount Sinai, Stobie was able to spend his last two days at home, explore outside, feel sunshine, see flowers, birds, and butterflies. Our thanks and gratitude go out to all those who made that possible.

His life was short, but he made our lives more beautiful. We would like to make the world more beautiful in his name. Donations to that effect can be made here.

We will always love and miss you Stobie.

Tamara and Jonathan