Planting hope for the holidays

Tree Canada


At Tree Canada we plant hundreds of thousands of seedlings every year as part of our National Greening Program. We plant on land where there was no previous tree cover or where tree cover existed but was decimated.

Planting seedlings is a gesture of hope. Hope that someday – thanks to nature and nurturing hands – these tiny trees will develop and provide all the benefits that come with their growth.

Through our very dedicated team of Community Advisors across Canada, who help find the land, coordinate the planting projects, and monitor the development of the seedlings, we ensure that the hope that we plant in the form of these seedlings thrive and survive. With survivability assessments completed at one, two and five years, the trees are then deemed “free to grow” afterwards. (I love that expression, free to grow. It somehow makes me think of children. We want them to be free to grow too – in a world that offers cooler air and cleaner waterways, thanks to trees.)

Although this holiday season will look very different this year, we can all rest assured that the seedlings we plant today will continue to grow and gift us with hope for a cleaner, greener world where everyone can survive and thrive.


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