About this Bursary

The Tree Canada Urban Forestry Student Bursary is available to students in Canada who have a strong interest in and dedication to urban forestry as demonstrated by their academic, volunteerism and extra-curricular activities. The bursary will pay for travel, accommodations, meals, and registration expenses for two full-time students (one undergraduate and one graduate student) to attend the Canadian Urban Forest Conference, held every two years in Canada. The approximate value of the bursary is $3,000.

Applications should address the significant involvement of the individual in urban forestry-related education, volunteerism and extra-curricular activities and will be evaluated on demonstrated interaction with the urban forest community and related activities, formal and informal academic studies, and the quality of the reference.

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Eligibility & Conditions

Nominations for this bursary are open from January 18 until March 31st.

  • Open to full-time students registered at a Canadian university, college or CÉGEP (undergraduate or graduate).
  • Applications must be made by the student themselves and include:
    • A personal essay (maximum 1,000 words):
      • Please describe your dedication to urban forestry as a student/scholar. Essays should include reflections and examples of past studies, projects, and experiences in urban forestry (e.g., summer work terms, internships, volunteer experiences, projects). Outline what you hope to gain from attending the Canadian Urban Forest Conference and how you plan to be further involved and contribute to urban forestry because of your attendance.
    • A current and complete curriculum vitae, and a list of activities in support of the submission.
    • Proof of full-time status (i.e., copy of student ID card)
    • A reference letter from a teacher, a professor, former employer, or supervisor attesting to the students’ dedication to urban forestry in an academic and/or urban forestry community activity capacity, and why the nominee deserves the bursary.
  • Applications must be submitted using Tree Canada’s online form.
  • All applications are treated as confidential by the Review Committee.
  • Applications are accepted in English or French.