About this Bursary

The Tree Canada Urban Forestry Student Bursary is available to students in Canada who have a strong interest in and dedication to urban forestry as demonstrated by their academic, volunteerism and extra-curricular activities. The bursary will pay for travel, accommodations, meals, and registration expenses for two full-time students (one undergraduate and one graduate student) to attend the Canadian Urban Forest Conference, held every two years in Canada. The approximate value of the bursary is $3,000.

Applications should address the significant involvement of the individual in urban forestry-related education, volunteerism and extra-curricular activities and will be evaluated on demonstrated interaction with the urban forest community and related activities, formal and informal academic studies, and the quality of the reference.

Nominations for the Student Bursary are now closed. All applicants will be notified by email before the end of June. Winners will be announced publicly at the Canadian Urban Forest Conference in October.