How We Support Greening Projects

Each year, Tree Canada helps schools, community groups, Indigenous communities and municipalities across Canada looking to plant trees or develop green infrastructure through creative projects.

This includes supporting planting projects as well as developing and implementing urban forest best management practices and innovative urban design solutions.

Our grants provide support for community greening, innovation and stewardship initiatives. Grant recipients receive funding and technical support to help start, upgrade, or achieve their greening goals.

Our Grants

Greening Canada’s School Grounds

This grant helps support school greening projects that in turn enhance the learning experience for students and strengthen their relationship with nature.

Eligibility: This grant is offered to educational institution properties such as elementary or primary schools, junior and high schools, and universities, colleges, and others.

Grant amount: Up to $10,000

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Edible Trees

This grant helps fight food insecurity by offering financial and logistical support to plant fruit- and nut- bearing trees and shrubs in communities on publicly accessible sites.

Eligibility: Funding is available to schools, non profits, community groups or gardens, food banks, community housing projects, Indigenous communities, and municipalities.

Grant amount: Up to $10,000

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Treemendous Communities

This grant encourages and supports community tree planting projects that create long-lasting benefits where people live, work or play.

Eligibility: This grant is available to Canadian municipalities, Indigenous communities, business improvement associations, non-profit organisations and community groups.

Grant amount: Up to $10,000

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Did you know?

Community Tree Grants are open for applications each Fall. Visit the Frequently Asked Questions page to learn how and when to apply:

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For other questions, please contact our Community Tree Grants Program Manager.

National Greening Program

For Landowners

Tree Canada encourages Canadian property owners to apply to be part of the National Greening Program, which supports landowners with tree planting projects where there is a need for forest rehabilitation, afforestation or ecosystem restoration.