A Conference To Help Improve Canada’s Urban Forests

The Canadian Urban Forest Conference (CUFC) brings together leading experts from across the country to discuss and learn about innovative strategies, policies, technologies, research, and best management practices in urban forestry.

Alternating between cities every two years, the CUFC is a forum for professionals, municipalities and community groups to share their experiences and novel approaches to the stewardship of Canada’s urban forests. The CUFC is coordinated by the host city with guidance and support from Tree Canada.

CUFC 2024 in Winnipeg

The 2024 Canadian Urban Forest Conference will take place from October 15 to 18 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The conference theme is Trees for All: Equity in Canada’s Urban Forests.

Heightened recognition of the economic, environmental, social, and health benefits of trees has illuminated the importance of equity within Canada’s urban forests. The topic of equity in urban forests is multi-faceted, and includes both ecological and social considerations that influence governance, planning, management, and community partnerships designed to improve equitable access to resources, knowledge, services and opportunities.

Long-term strategic urban forest planning and management priorities are increasingly being informed through public engagement and through a diversity, inclusivity and equity lens. The conference theme of equity will guide discussions to support the planning and management of urban forests to ensure the benefits that trees provide are accessible and sustainable for all.

Previous Canadian Urban Forest Conferences

  • 2008: Strathcona County, Alberta
  • 2006: Québec City, Québec
  • 2004: Kelowna, British Columbia
  • 2002: Markham, Ontario
  • 2000: Lake Louise, Alberta
  • 1997: Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • 1995: Windsor, Ontario
  • 1993: Winnipeg, Manitoba

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