About this Award

The Tree Canada Award of Distinction recognizes excellence in leadership and significant contributions in Canadian urban forestry over a minimum of fifteen years.

Nominees for this award have considerably influenced and/or changed the direction of urban forestry through their work, insights, and contributions. They have made a substantial and positive impact in the field of urban forestry, and on how we think about and practice urban forestry.

These outstanding contributions can be made locally, regionally, provincially, and nationally. Examples of contributions may include research, operational activities, educational activities, organizational accomplishments, community services and artistic contributions.

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Eligibility & Conditions

Nominations for this award are open from January 18 until March 31st.

  • Open to active or retired Canadians who are: urban forestry practitioners, researchers, educators, or anyone involved in activities promoting or involving urban forestry.
  • Awards are open to people with demonstrated experience in urban forestry for a minimum of fifteen years.
  • Eligible activities are those that have impacted Canada locally, regionally, provincially, or nationally or in the case of international contributions have promoted Canadian urban forestry.
  • All submissions must include:
    • A current and complete curriculum vitae, and a list of activities in support of the submission.
    • Three supporting letters indicating why the nominee deserves the award.
  • Applications must be submitted using Tree Canada’s online form.
  • Applications can be made (i) by the named applicant themselves; or (ii) submitted by a nominator on behalf of a named applicant with their consent.
  • All applications are treated as confidential by the Review Committee.
  • Applications are accepted in English or French.