Be part of the National Greening Program!

Tree Canada encourages Canadian property owners to submit a proposal to be part of our National Greening Program, which supports landowners with their tree planting projects where there is a need for forest rehabilitation, afforestation or ecosystem restoration.


What properties are eligible?

  • areas formerly used for crop rotation
  • meadows, grasslands and riparian areas
  • woodlands that could use enhancement

Plant-able area must be a minimum of 4 hectares (10 acres) or greater .

  • areas which are currently under a forest tenure license for future commercial wood harvest
  • sites in which reforestation is mandated under provincial legislation following disturbance and/or resource extraction
  • wetlands and permanently flooded sites, sites with active crop rotation
  • sites that are frequented by livestock

There are exceptions to these eligibility criteria. For questions concerning eligibility and application support, please contact our National Greening Program Manager.

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