About the GCCC Initiative

Growing Canada’s Community Canopies (GCCC) is a $291 million initiative led by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ (FCM) Green Municipal Fund. It supports the planting of the right type of trees in the right places so that communities across Canada can grow, manage and protect their tree canopies.

Tree Canada has partnered with FCM to provide communities with expertise and knowledge that informs best planting practices, tree species and site selection, and maintaining diverse canopies.

Available Funding

The GCCC initiative plans to fund over 500 projects through two main funding streams: tree planting and strategic funding. It aims to plant 1.2 million trees nationwide by March 2031.

  1. Applications for tree planting funding are accepted from May 15 to July 12, 2024, for the spring 2025 planting season and from July 13 – October 15 2024 for the fall 2025 planting season.
  2. Strategic funding to support urban forest planning and capacity will be available starting winter 2025.

Visit the Green Municipal Fund website for more information and to apply for funding:

Tree Canada's Role

Through the GCCC, Tree Canada will leverage its urban forestry expertise and a network of urban forestry specialists to deliver coaching in the form of tailored support services and knowledge to communities applying for and receiving funding.

Coaching services will provide applicants with technical advice and direction and support funding recipients during project implementation. This support includes guidance on how to improve tree species and site selection with careful consideration for biodiversity and climate, ensuring success and longevity.

Benefits of Growing, Managing and Protecting Community Canopies

Enhanced Environmental Impact

More trees in Canadian communities promotes biodiversity, strengthens climate resilience, and improves wellbeing.

Empowered Community Stewardship

Increased public engagement in urban forest issues ignites community stewardship, ensuring long-term benefits of urban green spaces.

Increased Local Government Capacity

Tailored support empowers local governments and partners, enhancing their ability to manage, grow, and safeguard community canopies.