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Our Partners in Planting program offers companies a way to deliver a team-building opportunity and good corporate citizenship right where your employees live and work.

Tree Canada secures trees and a planting site and takes care of the logistics so that you can enjoy the event with your team while doing something positive for your community.

Why a Tree Planting Event?

Team Building 

Team building is good. But team building that leaves a growing legacy is even better!

Community Engagement

Work with Tree Canada to get on-the-ground experience greening your community.

Corporate Citizenship

Get your hands dirty and show your team and customers what you care about.

How it works

Planning Your Event

  • Tell us about yourself: submit an interest form so we can learn more about your organization and event goals.
  • Planning logistics: from securing a convenient planting site to tree procurement and delivery, Tree Canada will manage the tree planting logistics for your event.
  • Engage employees: we’ll provide your team lead with information about what to expect in the weeks leading up to the event.
  • Plant trees and have fun: a Tree Canada Forestry Specialist will be on-site to lead your team during a 2-hour event.

Partners In Planting events are scheduled in the spring and in the fall – our annual planting seasons. Please allow three to four months of planning time to help us secure a suitable planting site for your group and to ensure tree stock availability.

The number of trees you will plant is based on your budget and number of participants.

To ensure the long-term health of newly planted trees and shrubs in urban areas, restoration tasks such as watering, mulching, pruning, invasive species removal, and general upkeep may also be undertaken by your team.

The deadline for spring plantings is February 1st. The deadline for fall plantings is June 1st.

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