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Resources for all ages

Trees of Canada Arbres du Canada

Trees of Canada

A list of individual tree species, complete with information and photos.

Tree Killers

A list of plants, insects and diseases that pose a threat to trees in Canada.

Canada’s Arboreal Emblems

A full list of the official trees of Canada, including for each province and territory.

Collection of trees

The benefits of trees

A list of the many benefits of trees with references for further study.

woman giving instructions planting

Tree Planting Guide

Tree planting is not difficult if you remember to follow these simple steps and “keep the green side up!”

Carbon Calculator

Calculate and offset your carbon emissions using our Carbon Calculator. Just enter your location, transportation and energy use details.


Frequently Asked Questions about trees and Tree Canada.


Useful links

A list of useful links to other reliable resources on trees and tree care.

Resources for academics, researchers and urban forestry practitioners


Canadian Urban Forest Network

The Canadian Urban Forest Network is the largest network of urban forestry professionals and educators in Canada.

Canadian Urban Forest Strategy

First launched in 2006, the Canadian Urban Forest Strategy (CUFS) is a stewardship vision of urban forests in Canada by urban forest practitioners.

Canadian Urban Forest Conference

The Canadian Urban Forest Conference brings together leading urban forest experts from across the country every two years.

Vancouver urban trees

Compendium of Best Urban Forest Management Practices

This resource outlines some of the best components and technical standards of an urban forest program.

Publications & Reports

A list of Tree Canada publications and reports, as well as other useful publications available for download.

Aerial Forest

Natural Resources Canada Forests portal

NRCan’s Forests portal with information on forest fires, sustainable forest management, the State of Canada’s Forest Annual Report and more.

Request for Letters of Support for Research Projects

Tree Canada supports research projects related to our nation’s urban forests. Use this form to submit a request for a letter of support.

Request for Participation in Public Presentations and Webinars

Tree Canada supports events, initiatives, and research projects, related to our nation’s urban forests.