Advancing Urban Forestry Research

Since 2014, Tree Canada has worked with national and international partners to create opportunities for knowledge sharing, community building, and thought leadership on urban forestry.

  • We support and collaborate on innovative research in urban and community forestry by partnering with academia, industry and government groups. 
  • We engage in a variety of projects that contend with timely themes and investigations in urban forestry in both applied and social areas of interest. 
  • We serve and improve internal needs, such as enhancing program performance. 

How We Contribute


Working with external partners on studies and projects (research design, analysis, writing, reviews)


Writing and collaborating on publications and reports for peer-reviewed journals or less formal articles

Impact Reports

Designing impact reports, goals and inquiries (qualitative application and interview questions)

Research Projects

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Tree Canada supports projects related to Canada’s urban and rural forests, including research studies, workshop or resource development, and course design.

Speaking Engagements

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Tree Canada participates in and supports events, initiatives, and research projects related to Canada’s urban forests and related topics.

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