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A Practical Way to Take Climate Action

The Tree Canada app was created to help Canadians learn more about their carbon footprint, how they can reduce their impact, and inspire others to make daily lifestyle changes.

Think Big. Start Small. Reduce your impact.

Top App Features

The Carbon Tracker app is an easy to use tool that will help you to:

Grow Awareness

From tracking your daily commute to weekly diet choices, learn about the environmental impact of your lifestyle.

Take Action

Whether you choose to make big or small changes to your daily routine or plant trees to help compensate, the app offers tangible solutions.

Learn Tips & Tricks

Connect with other app users to share tips and tricks or ask questions about green living.

Inspire Friends

Challenge your friends or co-workers to reduce their environmental impact with some healthy group competition.

Carbon Tracker App
Frequently Asked Questions

The popularity of Tree Canada’s online carbon calculator shows that Canadians want to know more about their carbon emissions. More importantly, they are also searching for meaningful ways to take action on climate change.

Tree Canada created the app to offer the community another way to track and reduce their footprint while connecting with other app users.

Yes, there is an option for app users to plant trees directly through the app to help compensate for their carbon emissions. These trees will be planted as part of the National Greening Program, a carbon compensation and mass seedling planting program that operates in every region across Canada. Trees will be planted in the year following a donation.

Each user’s carbon emissions are calculated using conservative estimates. Emissions factors are national or provincial averages. Tree Canada used the following sources to ensure calculations are not underestimated.

Note: Carbon footprints reported by the app are conservative estimates and do not capture all factors that contribute to an individual’s complete carbon footprint. The app’s goal is to increase awareness of your footprint, enable you to take action – in the app and beyond – to reduce your footprint, and inspire others to make lifestyle changes to help address climate change.

Air Transport

Flight emission factors were referenced from:

• 2010 Guidelines to Defra/DECC’s GHG Conversion Factors for Company Reporting DEFRA,

Other Transport

Other transport emissions factors were referenced from:

• 2010 Guidelines to Defra / DECC’s GHG Conversion Factors for Company Reporting DEFRA,
• National Inventory Report (1990-2011) Greenhouse Gas Sources and Sinks in Canada, Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC),