Make a Difference in Your Community

Resilient ecosystems, healthier people and greener communities are essential to Canada’s present and future. Whether it’s through applying for a grant to grow your local tree canopy, restoring rural forests or organizing a fundraising event, your support will help us to grow better places to live across the country.

Take Action Now

Here are a few ways that your community can get involved and leave a lasting impact.

Host a Fundraising Event

Engage your neighbours in growing better places to live by hosting an event in your community.

Start Fundraising
Celebrate Someone with Trees

Celebrate special occasions like wedding anniversaries, birthdays, retirement parties or teacher recognitions by donating to Tree Canada.

Offer a Tribute
Restore our Forests

Help us plant trees in areas in need of reforestation or afforestation by supporting our National Greening Program.

Support Reforestation
Apply for a Grant

Submit a proposal to get funding for a community greening project at your local school or in your community.

Apply for Grant
Offset your Carbon

Donate to offset your community’s carbon footprint and protect old-growth trees.

Contribute to Grow Clean Air
Celebrate National Tree Day

Volunteer at a community planting event with friends or plan a tree-focused celebration with your team, club or neighbourhood in celebration of National Tree Day.

Volunteer with us
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