Canada’s strategic initiative for urban forestry experts

The third iteration of the Canadian Urban Forest Strategy (CUFS) was born through efforts to incorporate urban forests into the National Forest Strategy. The vision for the CUFS is to have sustainable, biodiverse and healthy urban forests that protect and enhance the well-being and prosperity of Canadian communities. 

The CUFS is stewarded by Tree Canada’s Canadian Urban Forest Network, which provided direction for its creation along with municipal, provincial and federal representatives.

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The Canadian Urban Forest Strategy (2019-2024) provides the tools and knowledge you need to help build sustainable urban forests in communities across the country.

Strategic Objectives  

With an increasingly urbanized population, the pressures being exerted on Canada’s urban forests are only expected to increase in the future. To address these pressures, the CUFS has five strategic objectives to further its vision:  

  • National Urban Forestry Capacity Building: This objective deals with the broad-scale capacity building that is needed; related to financial commitment, collaborations and engagement.
  • Communications and Public Education: This objective deals with the exchange of information and knowledge amongst all stakeholders in Canadian communities.
  • Research: This objective deals with the production and extension of research results to practitioners in all disciplines. 
  • Techniques and Technologies for Urban Forest Planning and Management: This objective addresses techniques and technologies that can assist municipalities, groups, and individuals to adopt (and adapt) them to ensure the sustained supply of ecological, economic and social benefits from Canada’s urban forests.
  • Professional Development: The final objective addresses the development and advancement of a highly trained urban forestry workforce as well as a network of informed allied professionals.

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