Fostering Urban Forestry Knowledge Exchange

Learning Together

As a key player in advancing the field of urban forestry in Canada, Tree Canada leads initiatives that facilitate the exchange of important information. Through webinars, knowledge-sharing, and engaging discussions, Tree Canada is on a mission to create a collaborative space where experts, professionals, and enthusiasts can come together to share insights, innovations, and best practices in urban forestry.

By bridging gaps in knowledge and promoting a culture of continuous learning, Tree Canada not only contributes to the sustainable development of urban green spaces but also strengthens the collective expertise needed to address the challenges and opportunities in Canada’s urban forestry landscape.

Recent Webinar

Equity and Urban Forests in Canada

In November 2023, Tree Canada presented an E-Lecture series, as part of the Canadian Institute of Forestry’s National E-Lecture Program, titled “Equity and Urban Forests in Canada.” Curated by Dr. Adrina C. Bardekjian, Tree Canada’s Director of Research and Engagement, this webinar series brought together experts to delve into critical issues surrounding equity within the realm of urban forestry.

We invite you to watch these recorded sessions and gain a deeper understanding of this evolving topic:

Dr. Lorien Nesbitt, Faculty of Forestry, University of British Columbia
Green gentrification in Canada: A practice-oriented perspective

Dr. Rachel Buxton, Carleton University
An Action-Oriented Research Agenda for Equitable and Meaningful Nature-Based Solutions in Cities

Amory Ngan, City of Mississauga
Advancing Equity in Urban Forestry: Opportunities and Challenges

Martha Barwinsky, City of Winnipeg
Equity: Considerations in Urban Forest Management – A Winnipeg Perspective

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