BC Fire ReLeaf

Tree Canada's B.C. Fire ReLeaf program is aimed at replacing trees lost to due to the wildfires in 2009. Almost 3,000 fires have been discovered by the BC Forest Service in the province since April 2009 and 210,612 hectares have been destroyed by the fires. This is unfortunately the second time that Tree Canada has had to lend a hand to rebuild B.C.'s forests due to fires; the B.C. Fire ReLeaf program was first launched in 2003 when wildfires destroyed many trees and forests that year.

To help re-green the forests of B.C., please donate now.

Tree Canada is encouraging B.C. homeowners to do their part in regreening the province. If you are a resident or homeowner in B.C., you are eligible to receive the B.C. Fire ReLeaf coupon. It gives you a discount when purchasing new trees for your property. Currently no coupons are being distributed.