10 Ways to Celebrate National Tree Day

Tree Canada

This year, we are happy to be celebrating our 10th anniversary of National Tree Day on Wednesday September 22nd! Not only are we celebrating a significant milestone this year, but we will celebrate trees with a stronger appreciation for all that they’ve given us – and continue to give us.

Through a challenging year and half inundated with change, the one constant we’ve had is the steadfastness and rootedness of the trees that surround us and our appreciation for them. In fact, if anything, that appreciation has only grown stronger!

Throughout the pandemic, trees have given us the opportunity to breathe fresh air outdoors, find shade from the heat, ease our stresses, and allowed us to reconnect with nature. Wherever you live, whatever your experience in this pandemic has been, we hope you experienced the value of trees and share our excitement to celebrate them on September 22nd.

Unfortunately, in 2020 we were unable to celebrate in person, but that didn’t stop us from celebrating at a distance! This year, we’re excited to host in-person planting events across the country, where regulations allow, with fellow Canadians that share our love for trees! We’ve also curated a list of ten ways to celebrate this 10th anniversary of National Tree Day from coast to coast, wherever you live:

1. Plant trees with us in person or plan an event in your neighbourhood or community in celebration of National Tree Day and register it on our online map.

2. Organize a schoolyard greening project at your child’s school. (Or if you can’t do one now, consider applying to receive one of our Greening Canada School Grounds grants opening later this fall!)

3. Support National Tree Day and our mission to grow better places to live, by donating to plant trees across Canada.

4. Get creative! Snap a pic, draw or paint your favorite tree and share with us at #NationalTreeDay & @TreeCanada, so we can continue to grow our virtual forest.

5. Go forest bathing! Sit, walk slowly or breathe in the forest and trees through all your senses.

6. Identify your neighborhood trees! Try using Leafsnap (mobile app), TreeLib (website) or Trees in Canada (book) to finally figure out those trees you’ve been walking by or admiring all this time.

7. Learn more about trees and forests by reading these helpful resources.

8. Plant trees in urban spaces near you, by donating toward the planting and care of an urban tree.

9. Make tree-related art! Go out into the forest and just create something with the leaves, branches, or nuts you find on the ground. Here are a few ideas to inspire you:

10. Spend some time among the trees! Whether it’s playing at a park or planning a picnic under a tree, time spent among the trees is a great way to celebrate National Tree Day!


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