A Tribute to Brian Fisher, Former Member of the Tree Canada Board of Directors

Tree Canada


Brian Fisher’s determination to create, maintain and protect green spaces across British Columbia was legendary, and witnessed through both his professional and his personal commitments. His relationship with Tree Canada began in 1993 when our organization forged a partnership with BC Hydro. Since that time, over 570 greening projects have been completed in the province thanks to his guidance and dedication.

He served as a member of the Tree Canada Board of Directors from 2005 to 2008, actively participating in the development of our national organization, and doggedly sought out additional funding to support planting efforts. He also served as a trusted local community advisor, helping to identify and oversee projects in BC.

His goals were very much in line with Tree Canada’s mission and thanks to his deep and unwavering belief that healthy living starts with green spaces, his legacy will be appreciated for many generations to come.

Thank you, Brian, we will be forever grateful to have known you and benefited from your experience, knowledge, and passion.  


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