Celebrating National Tree Day a Different Way

Tree Canada

We are just a few weeks away from National Tree Day – Wednesday, September 23!

While in years past we have come together to celebrate with community planting events, our current situation with COVID-19 makes this year very different. Although we are not able to celebrate together, we can definitely still celebrate – while staying apart!

Keep the spirit of National Tree Day and all that trees bring to us strong this year! Here are ten easy alternative ideas to commemorating this special day:

1.  This one is pretty obvious – plant a tree in your region or an urban tree in your city!

2.  Hold your own National Tree Day celebration in your own backyard, local park or favorite green space and then register it on our online map. Let’s show everyone how we’re celebrating together virtually! #NTDAtaDistance

3.  Snap a pic of your favorite tree and share with us at #NationalTreeDay @TreeCanada, so we can continue to grow our virtual forest.

4.  Become a tree star and send us a video explaining why you love trees or why you think celebrating National Tree Day is important.

5.  Grow your own tree with our tree seed kits. Each kit includes a biodegradable jiffy pot, peat pellet, white spruce seeds and instructions to grow your seeds into mighty trees!

6.  Play a game of identify that tree! Try using Leafsnap (mobile app), TreeLib (website) or Trees in Canada (book) to finally figure out those trees you’ve been walking by or admiring all this time.

7.  Enjoy tree-related activities (part one and part two) with your teachers or parents to learn all about these magnificent living things.

8.  Wish someone you love a Happy National Tree Day with a tree certificate.

9.  Donate in celebration of National Tree Day.

10.  And lastly, but not, least – just get outside and be among the trees! And while you’re out there, give them a hug and thank them for all the great benefits they provide


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